Saturday, March 15, 2008

super-productive Saturday

I woke up and immediately started cleaning up my kitchen so I could play with my new goodies. I decided to only do two short lengths of roving as a test batch just in case I effed up big time on my first go. Here they are, soakin in the sink...

dye rinse

And here is me modeling a mobius scarf/cowl that I finished up a couple of days ago:

mobius cowl

It's just the pattern off of the balls of Landscape yarn I used. How original, I know! But it's so colorful. Too bad spring is here!

I also expanded my stash wall. The batts and roving were getting a little crowded. Plus, now I have room for more! Or a cat...

stash w bela

Stay tuned for finished dyed rovings. I'm so excited!

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