Sunday, March 23, 2008

out of control

I've already dyed up every last bit of natural roving I bought (a pound each of corriedale and BFL) and now I have this overwhelming sense of panic- what will I do now?! Spin, of course! I am going to end up selling most of this on Etsy because there is just no way I can afford this habit unless it is self-sustaining. I'm reaching capacity on what I can stash, especially considering I can't go through it that quickly (and I want to save room & money for the fun stuff I find.) I can always re-dye a colorway for myself when needed.

Anyway, onto the roving:

These are 4 shorter corrie strips all dyed separately but intended to coordinate together; named "I Want Candy":
candy roving batts
Here they are woven together:
candy roving closeup

"Nightmare", BFL roving in blacks, grays, pinks, purples, greens, and blues:
nightmare roving 2

Another BFL called "Lightening"- blacks, blue, and burgundy (which I thought was gray, at the time- oops):
lightening roving

And here is "Solemn" (I'll get better at naming these, I promise)- another BFL. I wrapped the roving in a spiral instead of a back-n-forth linear pattern when I painted it, the idea was to try to have spots of blended color on the roving resulting in subtle tonal shifts. I think it worked out nicely, and I'll have to keep this one for myself!
solemn roving

I have 5 more rovings drying in the bathroom as I speak, and I'm in the midst of spinning up my Sakura roving while the BF plays FF8. Rock.

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