Sunday, March 16, 2008

more roving...

The two bits of roving I dyed yesterday were dry this morning, and here they are!

first roving

They turned out quite nicely. I wish I had more colors! (No worries, I ordered more last night.) Not sure what I'll call them yet...

I woke up today and got ready to do some more. I also remembered that I wanted to check out the beauty supply store down the block for some color application bottles. Hooboy, they had those in a thousand different sizes and styles, plus every other kind of hair color applicator known to man. AND a foam head! (for modeling hats... seriously.) Who thought a beauty supply store could be so exciting.

So, I dyed two medium batches and one larger one (maybe 3 oz or so). Here are two of them in the burrito stage:

roving burritoes

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