Thursday, May 22, 2008

days get better when...

This week started sucking a bit yesterday when one of my fellow admins quit unexpectedly during the middle of the day. That of course left the rest of us scrambling with a game plan to divvy up the work until we can get another person hired. No biggie, but just not the most fun thing to deal with. So after working an hour late last night and tonight, I was SO jazzed to come home to this waiting for me on the front steps:

pluckyfluff stuff

I ordered this last week as my mother's day presents from my cats to myself ;) They know what I like! The fluffy rainbow batt is in a place out of reach from little claws on the very top of my stash shelf. Will I ever be able to bring myself to spin it? Inspiration is not lacking; as you can see, I also got Handspun Revolution. Yes! This three day weekend is going to be great...

If that wasn't enough, I actually went looking through the Treasuries on Etsy and look what I found!

treasury color me central america

Maybe it'll get to the front page!!!

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