Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day

So this year I decided I was perfectly capable of making something for my boyfriend's Valentine's Day present, instead of going out and buying a t-shirt/movie/CD/whatever. I decided on the below: a baby seal, pattern by Amy Gaines on Etsy. I bought it in December when I first started crocheting, intending it to be a gift for a coworker (I ended up making her some slippers instead.) BF thought the seal was super cute (he has a weakness for stuffed animals) so I made a mental note to save it for later. I added a little crochet heart to his flipper, and voila! He loves it.

My next amigurumi adventure will be making a penguin out of some of that fun fur/eyelash yarn/whatever it is. I think I'll make one for myself and one for a coworker who is expecting a baby girl in April.

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