Monday, August 11, 2008

buried in wool

It's a great place to be, really. I'm almost through the 20+ pounds of roving I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I'm going to have to buy a whole bump next time, and replenish dyes soon too. So I guess my business experiment is going well. I don't think I'll sell it all in a month, but I'll at least "produce" it all in that time. I've found a lot of ways to streamline all the little processes, from fiber prep to shipping. I just wish I wasn't bogged down by a day job. I keep thinking about the endless possibilities, but those possibilities more bandwidth than I have to spare.

Here is the latest batch of rovings:
roving collage 8.10.08

I've been buying a LOT more of other artists' fiber lately; something I thought I could curb by producing more of my own, but being surrounded more by my own stuff makes me crave something different and new. I've been trying to spin lots more, but it comes in fits and starts.

This is probably the best yarn in the world, spun from Hobbledehoy batts- I call it "Waves Become Wings":
waves become wings handspun yarn

And this is "Aeroplane Flies High" from my handpainted roving:
aeroplane flies high handspun yarn

That's all for now! I've got to try to catch up on some sleep :)


laila said...

oooh thats a lot of gorgeous fluffy fluff. mmm. i have also been buying a lot of other spinning batts. mostly because i only have hand carders and that goes soooo slow sometimes. i got hobbledehoys lol batts and it was so fun to spin without any work. haha. your fiber looks great!! keep it up!

idyll hands said...

Ooooh - are you gonna sale that "Waves become Wings" skein? :)

cloudlover said...

Not sure yet, Idyll! I'm thinking of keeping it for myself and knitting a neckwarmer cowl thing.