Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I need to publicly announce goals or else I am much less likely to follow through with them. You all need to help keep me accountable for achieving this!

The goal: to devote an entire month to some hard-core dyeing & spinning. Hard-core meaning ~30 rovings/skeins of yarn dyed on the weekends, and spinning every night. The BF encouraged me to see if I could bump this whole side-project woolly business up to the next level, and he promised to help. I placed some mammoth orders on Monday- 10 pounds of merino, 7 pounds of falkland, 6 pounds of BFL, 27 skeins of yarn, and dyes. Yeah, my bank account is freaking out a little bit, but hopefully I can get through this in a month and more than have it paid for in a week or two. This will also help me get geared up for doing the craft show(s) in the fall.

In other news, two of my newest yarns:

Another Elvis-inspired yarn, "Viva Las Vegas", spun from Hobbledehoy batt,wrapped in gold thread with some sequins here and there:
viva las vegas handspun yarn

And "Monster Mash" from some Falkland roving I dyed up. Colors didn't turn out quite as I expected them too (I wanted more vibrant purple) but it will still stripe nicely and it's bouncy fun!
monster mash handspun yarn

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