Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I'm on my break at work, staring at the YarnCon 2008 vendor application. I'm going to do it! But I'm stuck on this "short bio" part. What to write about myself? How to capture the awesomeoness of handspun yarns in but a few words? Blargh.

I'm also trying to plan out where I'm going to put all these flowers around my house:
flower trays
They were $4-5 a TRAY at my favorite grocery store (all of that cost me less than $20!), so I went a little overboard. I've planted a fraction of them around the base of two trees in the back yard, but I'm thinking the rest may need to go in pots. Lots and lots of pots!

My head is also here right now:
june sky

A June sky never looked so good! Also, handspun yarn looks better when photographed in the back yard with grass in the background. I think all my yarny photoshoots will be al fresco from now on-

violet hour 5


knittinghands said...

beautiful yarn!

A hint on the flowers - pots require more water in the heat than planting things in the ground. I'm experiencing that right now.

cloudlover said...


I know, when I was reading about square-foot gardening, I thought "of course, pots are a great idea, no weeding!" and then I read the trade off- constant watering. Blah. I think I'm going to do a couple of pots and then give the rest away.