Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So I've been checking Ebay and Craigslist on and off, looking for any used spinning wheels in the area that I might be able to buy. I told myself I'd wait until I got my recession check, but a deal I couldn't pass up came along this weekend: Ashford Traveller (older model, single treadle, single drive) was posted on Craigslist for $250. I almost peed my pants and obsessively e-mailed the seller. I got to look on it on Monday night (it was very close by) and after checking it out to the best of my ability (with some help from the awesome people on Craftster!) I took him home.

spinning wheel

spinning wheel 2

It didn't come with bobbins, so I've ordered those, and in the mean time I am cleaning him up, oiling him down, and practicing my treadling while trying to think of a name! I'm so excited!


Nicole said...

Whoooooop! :)
I'm so glad your loving your wheel!
- nicolassa

kellykatcrafts said...

oh well wtg on the new spinning wheel I hope you put him to good use.

kellykatcrafts said...

sorry that should be wow instead of well sorry