Saturday, February 21, 2009

Look, I'm spinning!

It's been really hard to maintain a balanced schedule between work and the fiber biz. I loathe getting home at 6 and having only 4 hours in which to make dinner, take care of the animals, catch up on Etsy stuff, list items, and then hopefully card batts or spin before it's time for bed. Sticking to a shipping schedule frees up time, but not enough! I blame the day job ;)

Anyway, I managed to finish a few yarns this week. Here are two of my favorites:
Maerchengarten falkland yarn
"Märchengarten", my new favorite colorway, spun into a Falkland single!

Cupid & Psyche
"Cupid & Psyche", spun from batts carded by Hobbledehoy! I spun this one thick and thin and added little squishy coils here and there.

And as long as I've got spring on my mind, despite the fresh blanket of snow outside, here's a pic of Mr. Bun!
Mr. Bun
I can't wait until it's nice enough to let him romp around in the yard!


liz aka hobbledehoy said...

*waves to bunny*

beautiful yarns, Natalie!

idyll hands said...

Oooooh - I love both of those yarns. I also love that you blogged :) yay!!!

The Hatdiva said...

OMG! Your bunny is incredible! He's an angora, right? Loooove his ears. Hey, add "follow this blog" on your sidebar & I can have you in my desktop. Easier to keep track ;)

I hear you on the time thing. having a FT job+Etsy & hobbies must be real hard. My neighbor across the street is a widow with 2 kids (9 &14) and a full time job at the fish hatchery. I rarely see her, but love her to bits.

Jackie said...

I love the colours in your "Märchengarten" yarn. And what a gorgeous bunny.